The Ninjews: Goy-L Trouble - Characters and Sets

Here are some of the characters and sets in the new Ninjews movie. Click thumbnail to see full size pics.


Yoav Goldsteinfeldbergowitzblumbaum

Mohel (that’s a dude who cuts foreskins off) and Ninjew.
Fyvush Goldsteinfeldbergowitzblumbaum

Also a mohel and Ninjew, brother of Yoav.
Mary McO’Flannerymalley

Mystery woman who enters the Ninjews’ lives.


Japanese Jew House

Home of the Japanese Jews whose baby the mohels were de-foreskin-erating when they (Yoav and Fivush) accidentally gained ninja powers. The set is drawn from four sides so the characters can be put anywhere and face any direction and still have a proper background.
Ninjews House/Office

For some reason the two brothers live together and also work out of their home.
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