The Ninjews: “Goy-L Trouble” - Cast


Albert J. Vara, in addition to being an actor, is award-winning filmmaker in his own right, with several shorts and features under his belt.  He lives and works in Houston, Texas.

Joey Milillo has been involved in Houston-area theatre and film since 1998. As an actor, film credits include Hot Tamale (Peavy Reese), Timmy the Greeting Card Guy (Monroe), Melgar (Dogar), Menumeh (Daniel), and The Angstbunny (Existential Goat).

Mr. Milillo is currently developing the internet sitcom Cup of Joe, and he currently works as a Programs Manager for the Bayou Bend museum.

He is grateful to Josh Bass for the opportunity to be a cartoon, which is something he told his parents and teachers he’d grow up to be.

Julie Oliver slept with the director to get this part. It was only a short nap and extremely uncomfortable.

She does some stuff on stage in Houston and you can find a small handful of film credits on under the name Julie Oliver-Touchstone because she did not want people to think that she was the Julie Oliver on MTV’s the Real World.

She is fond of cheese.
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