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An update of the theme found in the first Ninjews movie.

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The Ninjews: Therapy

Synopsis: Yoav Goldsteinfeldbergowitzblumbaum is a mohel with a secret identity as a Jewish ninja superhero, but he's also a regular guy doing regular things when he's not battling evil or slicing up baby weiners. Today he's going to therapy to talk about his crippling porn addiction.

This is the official page for the Ninjews Series.  More content and episodes will be added as they develop.
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The Ninjews: Goy-L Trouble

Yoav and Fyvush Goldsteinfeldbergowitzblumbaum are your average mohels (that's "dudes who give your newborn's weiner a facelift", as defined by Webster's) with secret identities as Jewish ninja superheroes.  When Fyvush begins dating  a Catholic woman, Yoav tries to put his reservations aside and be open-minded. But is this apparently sweet girl all she seems? (PSSST. . .she's not. She's a demonic supervillain out to convert everyone to Catholicism. Crap, I spoiled it. Sorry.)  For more Ninjews info see the Ninjews page.